Our Training Curriculum

At Ace Trucking Academy, we provide comprehensive CDL Class A and Class B training for both manual and automatic transmission vehicles. Keep in mind that testing with an automatic transmission will result in a restriction (E) on your CDL, which means you won’t be legally permitted to drive manual CDL vehicles. However, since the majority of industry trucks are automatic, this won’t hinder your job prospects. In fact, choosing automatic transmission is the fastest and most straightforward way to acquire your CDL. 


Ace Trucking Academy is committed to your success beyond training. After passing the road test, we’ll assist you in connecting with potential employers, and we’ll continue to support your career growth long after you graduate from our school.

Our Entry-Level Class A Course is specifically designed for aspiring over-the-road, regional or local drivers with no prior experience

Our Entry-Level Class B Program is tailored for individuals seeking to drive Class B trucks locally or over-the-road, as

At Ace Trucking Academy, we provide support in helping you earn valuable endorsements to enhance your career opportunities. These


Ace Trucking Academy stands out among the competition, as evidenced by our stellar Google ratings. We are committed to elevating your CDL training experience and ensuring that no student falls behind. Our carefully crafted training curriculum follows a step-by-step learning pattern, covering all aspects of your Road Test.

For instance, we begin Mondays with simple maneuvers and easy-to-understand phrases for the pre-trip inspection. Our training program is structured to help you build upon previous lessons day by day. We maintain a low student-to-instructor ratio of 4:1 in our trucks, guaranteeing that you receive the necessary practice and attention to excel in this complex new career.

Other schools may compromise quality by having too many students per truck and an insufficient number of instructors. As a result, we frequently welcome students from more affordable schools who have unfortunately wasted their time and money. At Ace Trucking Academy, students can be confident in their training and our ability to help them secure a high-paying job upon completion. Your success is our priority, and we strive to be your ultimate training destination.

Our CDL training procedure is as follows:

Don’t let your time and money go to waste at other schools – we’ve witnessed this unfortunate outcome far too many times. No other CDL training facility in Houston, TX can match the level of training we provide at Ace Trucking Academy. We encourage you to do your research and read reviews; the testimonials of our former students speak volumes about our commitment to excellence.

We also invite you to visit our facility and talk to our currently enrolled students – a level of transparency that other schools often don’t allow. We look forward to welcoming you and playing an integral role in your journey towards a successful career in trucking.